The grandest of them all. The Grand Turbo 38″ grill will certainly make you the envy of the neighborhood. This griller’s dream constructed in grade-304 stainless steel comes with seven burners totaling 85,000 BTUs of pure cooking power and 845 total square inches of grilling space. The intense heat provided by the infrared burners allows you to sear meats and seal in more flavor with ease. This beast even comes with a rear-mounted rotisserie system that can cook a small flock of chickens. It gives home chefs the kind of power and precise control they need to grill every hunk of cow, pig, salmon, or vegetable like a pro.

You will have all the space you need to impress family, friends, and those jealous neighbors who slip into your backyard after smelling the intense aromas of succulent food. The Grand Turbo 38″ isn’t just your ordinary grill; it’s a barbecue command station.

Available in propane and natural gas versions.


304 Stainless Steel Construction

Seven Burners

Seven total burners will be at your fingertips – four traditional main burners, two infrared sear burners, and one infrared rotisserie rear burner.

85,000 BTUs Total

12,000 BTUs Main Burners (4)
12,000 BTUs Sear Burners (2)
13,000 BTUs IR Rotisserie (1)

Radiant Heat System

With the use of high-grade, perforated ceramic bricks, heat is distributed evenly to the cooking surface while also preheating your grill faster.

Exterior LED Lighting

Dazzling blue lights accent the control knobs, showcasing the grandness of your grill whether in use or not.

Interior Halogen Lighting

Evening barbecues will be convenient and elegant with interior halogen illumination.

Spring Assisted Hood

Extension springs ease the opening and closing of the hood by reducing the weight load.

Rotisserie Kit

With this rear-mounted rotisserie system, you’ll be able to cook a small flock of chickens.

Smoker Box

Infuse your food with great, smokey flavor using the smoker box and your choice of wood chips.

Built-In Temperature Gauge